Cooking with mama 2005 - ongoing

The first time I began organizing this event was  in summer 2006 in the kitchen of at the arts school in Mainz_Germany. which had been already four years without seeing my mom (after my emigration from Iraq).That was the first encounter with the fact how I would feel when i see her within making this cooking event.

For me when I involve somebody who is so related to me for so many years in my work via internet is mixture of many things which is not that easy to inbody them by using words.

There was such a distance to her in spite of my longing to see her made me quite incertain how to continue with this digital mama,is it her or not? That what i was asking my self the whole time.

Sure it was mama ,she was demanding the same things as she used to be,I should be polide,lestening to her and translating her  cooking structure exactly to my cooking team(we cook every friday for the whole academy).

So as I come from another culture and my not belonging to the western tradition of art and having another possition which contradicts produce art which could be very easiely  seen as comodity nowaday,I focused more on kind of affemiral works and and also more personal

Items which I can share it with the team and each one in the whole academie also (who know my mom now by the way)


And also I feel very intemit to the cooking team, who are also good friends of mine.So being the position of translating a certaine food structure which is hundreds years old and from defenitly another reality and way of understanding for diligatesse and translating it in another eurupian language  and helping the team to cook what I have been eating for so many years and share this taste with the whole students of the academy is creating another space which goes deyond the art school as an institution.Its about closeness,about sharing,about understaning of the others.