Diploma examination, Mainz -Germany Sep.2009

This work documents my graduation from the art academy where, when studying, I combined an artistic heist with an education process over the four years. This work documents my graduation from the art academy. In this filmed video conference, I am trying to involve some different positions explained by Prof. Simon Starling, Aneta Szylak (Wyspa Institute of Art), Bart de Baere (Muhka), Prof. Vladimir Spacek, Prof. Lieser and Dr. Gerhard Fennig (a lawyer and author of Kunst, Market und Recht), as well as the anonymous person from whom I borrowed the portfolio to apply for the art academy. This is the moment when I reveal the fact that I applied with a false portfolio and kept it for my diploma. This work is about sharing and embedding in each other, the absence of the individual and the weakness of the concept of author in such collective societies like Iraq. As Foucault would put it, “the author is “functional principle,”” which limits the totality of the imagination within the confining “mind-set” of a particular age”. Both the anonymous person and me are talking about our 18 years long friendship, the experience of working together, and influencing each other in the way that he can no longer realize the differences between his own works of the times and my real works from the past. In a way, it is a conversation about the signature and territory.