With Jim White, Once Upon A Time in the West

First performed in 2010 in London cockpit theatre, for "Estrangement"exhibition at Showroom.

This performance the 2nd time. took place at Wyspa institute of Art in Gdansk/ Poland as part of "Estrangement"exhibition produced for Alternativa 2010-2012 curated by Aneta Szylak.

The work emerged from friendship and long-term collaboration with Jim White, a former American soldier and now a caretaker at a German art academy. It consists of a live, ten-minute performance simulating Ennio Morricone's score for the final duel scene of Sergio Leone's spaghetti Western, Once Upon A Time In The West. The work is an inquiry into the redistribution of dominant cultural representations and competences. Hiwa K and Jim White -- who were taught to play country guitar music by the artist - perform the work with orchestra.

Guitar: Jim White, harmonica: Hiwa K