Years ago, I came to Europe by foot, walking, among others, through Iran, Turkey, Greece and Italy to find a refuge in Germany. This long and often dangerous trip was an experience of space and time, through which I destined myself for the unknown through the partiality of spatial and cultural experience. I built an object-sculpture out of prefabricated elements: a stick and motorbike mirrors. It is given a function of an adaptation tool for lost in the city.

By balancing it on my nose I find my way by looking into different mirrors. The use of a device makes possible adding to or including things into the fragmented perception of the surrounding city. In this case, the transmuting of historical meanings of city by walking through this is made possible. It is also an extension of my organs and senses. Here, I am dealing with the very balance as the activity signing the will to comply with the given condition. The mirror is not meant however mainly to reflect but to navigate. It is a form of survival kit, as I never arrive at the full picture of the place through which I am strolling but functionality of it helps me to complete my journey.